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Frequently Asked Questions

Windows are constantly subjected to application tend to leak water and air after some time. This is known as air/water infiltration

Every activity that involves water usage creates the moisture such as cooking, showering, doing laundry etc. Excessive moisture can also surface through wet floors, dripping faucets, sauna and hot tubs, faulty sprinkler system, poor ventilation, etc.

Absolutely! High quality replacement windows are properly installed and sealed, can have a huge impact on energy bills up to 16%.

YES! Your new windows can eliminate uncomfortable drafts, also allowing you to keep your home cooler during summers and warm by trapping the indoor humidity during winter.

Check the Energy Star symbol on your windows. This means that your windows/doors are certified to meet the technical requirements that make them energy efficient.

Low-e (Low-emissivity) minimizes the amount of UV and infrared light which are harmful to humans and can pass through the glass. Low-e glass are designed in a way to reflect the sun rays and reduce the amount of UV rays.

U-Value is the measure of how well your windows will insulate and the rate of heat-loss. Lower the U-Value, the better a product is at keeping your home warm.

R-Value is the measure of heat resistance of your home. 

Stronger. Brighter. More Energy Efficient.

Everything Windows and Doors uses the latest technology to manufacture our windows & doors. Our windows that meet energy star requirements are fusion welded at the corners which forms an airtight seal that can withstand Canada’s harsh weather.