5 home updates that pay off

5 home updates that pay off

Are you searching for home updates that pay off? Do you want to improve your home, but need ideas on the most valuable and viable updates? Do not search further; this article provides you with five excellent home updates that pay off.
Renovating and upgrading your home is one crucial way to add more value to your property. However, not all updates will increase your property value; but the following home updates will pay off.

1. Windows and Doors

Updating your home with new windows and doors will increase your property value. New windows and doors will enhance the building’s safety, boost the home’s energy efficiency, and increase the house’s overall curb appeal. Replacing the windows and doors will upgrade the home’s façade and attracts several homebuyers who will offer good value for the property.

2. Kitchen Update

The kitchen is very crucial in any home. Most homebuyers focus on the condition of the kitchen to decide whether to buy a property or not. Upgrading your kitchen is an excellent idea. Reface your cabinet, install countertops, upgrade the lighting fixtures, paint the kitchen, replace the windows and doors, etc. You will be able to add more value to your home. And it is good to know that the kitchen update pays off, as it can return about 88% of the renovation cost.

3. Bathroom Remodel

Another home update that pays off is bathroom remodelling. Upgrade the structural layout of your bathroom. Install countertops, vanities, glass showers or new bathtub, replaces faucets, changes windows and door, repaint the ceilings and walls, update the electrical fixtures and fittings, etc. This will add more value to your home and add about 70% to the property cost.

4. Landscaping

Landscaping your property will increase the overall curb appeal of your home. This will add more value to your home. It is crucial to landscape your home long before you list your home for sale. This update will increase your property value by up to 12%.

5. Deck Addition

Adding a deck to your home creates a beautiful outdoor living space for relaxation and outdoor activities with your friends and family. In addition to increasing your home’s functionality, it will also increase your property value by up to 60%.


Increase the value of your property by carrying out the updates above. The home updates discussed above pay off and will enhance your property’s functionality and aesthetics.