When Should You Replace A Door?

It is inarguable that doors are very vital for every home but a lot of homeowners neglect the care and maintenance of their doors. Most times, it takes major damage or complete destruction of the doors in a home before the inhabitants pay attention and get committed to the replacement. This could lead to further damage to the structure of your house, risk to life, and more expenses for repairing damages and installing a replacement. Instead, take preventive measures to maintain your doors, and get replacement doors installed when due. Wondering about the conditions for when you should replace a door? Worry no more, here are five signs to help you know when it is time to replace your doors with newer and better doors.

1. Broken/loose hinges

When opening or closing your doors, you may notice some type of looseness in the motion, this could be as a result of loose hinges from the door and frame. If the hinges of your doors are loose or broken, it could be a potential risk to security and safety, leading to more damage. The best thing to do is get replacement doors before incurring more cost in repairs.

2. Wear in the material

If you notice any form of wear in the glass, wood, or metal material of your door and doorframe, it may be an obvious sign to get a replacement. Wear in the material typically means that your doors have reached the limit of sustainability and should be replaced as soon as possible.

3. Span of usage

The lifetime of your doors, depending on the material and weather, can vary. However, when you have used a set of doors long enough, you simply know that it is time to replace them. If the span of usage from the first installation exceeds five years, you may want to get them checked out and if need be, replaced.

4. Frame damage

Damage to your doorframe may be in form of pest infestation, weather, and other forms of impact. If you notice any type of damage, you should get a replacement as soon as possible because the door could literally fall right off the frame.

5. Weather changes

Doors, especially those on the exterior parts of the house, withstand a lot of weather conditions and this causes a sort of wear. If you notice that the weather conditions are harsher than normal, it is best to get a replacement and avoid the cost of fixing damages.

Waiting until you see actual damage in your doors before getting a replacement can cost you more than getting a new one would. Take note of these highlighted signs and get your door replacement done as soon as you can, with the help of a professional replacement/installation contractor.