Prep You Need To Do Before Installing Replacement Windows

Prep You Need To Do Before Installing Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows in your home is an improvement project that will improve the functionality and aesthetics of your home. But before going into how to prepare your home for replacement windows, you must hire a professional windows and doors company to guarantee the best results possible. The installer will get the project completed most professionally and efficiently.

Read the tips below for how to prepare your home for replacement windows:

1. Clear the Way

Having chosen the right windows and doors company for your window replacement project and the date for the commencement of the installation fixed, you should prepare your home by clearing the way to give the installers easy access around your home. Remove furniture, rugs, plants and other items that may hinder easy movement when moving materials and installing the replacement windows.

2. Pick Convenient Time

When planning to replace your windows, it is essential to choose a convenient day and time because it would be best that you are available when the installers come to your home to install your windows. When selecting the day for the installation, you should consider your schedule and prepare adequately. You may have to arrange for your children to be away from home. You also need to keep away your pets for minimal or no interruption.

3. Remove Window Accessories

Another tip on how to prepare your home for replacement windows is to take down your window blinds, curtains, sheets, draperies, etc. To allow access to the existing windows and frames. If there are wall decorations, artwork, photos or other accessories on the windows, remove them ahead of the installation day.

4. Prepare a Storage Space

If you are carrying out a complete replacement of all windows in your home, you should prepare adequate storage space to keep the removed windows. You can prepare your basement, garage, or rent a temporary storage container. This will ensure that the removed windows are safely kept away. You will be able to keep your items safe and avoid misplacing anything.

5. Plan for Post-Installation Clean-up

Although the windows and doors company hired for the installation of replacement windows will plan for general your home after completing the project, you should plan for general house-cleaning to get rid of dust and debris that may have escaped the clean-up by the contractor.


Looking for how to prepare your home for replacement windows? Follow the tips above for successful and hassle-free installation. Meanwhile, ensure that you select a suitable windows and doors company for a professional installation process.