5 Signs It’s Time For A Door Replacement

Homeowners carry out routine maintenance for most part of the houses but, unfortunately, a lot of people forget about the doors. With their functions of curb appeal, security, and temperature regulation, doors are very important fixtures in the house. These doors sustain damage and wear from extended periods of use which pose several dangers and damages to the inhabitants, property, and the door itself. While you should include maintenance and replacement of your doors in any renovation plans, there are also important reasons that call for a change in your doors. If you leave damages alone for too long, they could incur further cost for restoration and replacement. Therefore, you should always look out for these five signs that let you know it’s time for a door replacement.

1. Infestation

Pest infestation can cause damage to the material and frames of your doors, as well as the walls around the doors. If you notice any sign of pest infestations in your homes, particularly on or around your doors, it may be the sign that it is time for you to get a door replacement.

2. Safety risks

Any damage to your door and doorframes is a direct risk to your safety because the door acts as a primary protective fixture to the home. If you notice a broken handle, cracks in the material, or damage to the frame, it may be time to hire a professional to install replacement for the doors in your home.

3. Water damage

If at any time, you have had to deal with major damage that affected your doors, you may want to consider a replacement. Water damage may cause degradation of the materials of the doors which could lead to further damage. The best option is to replace doors that have been affected by water damage with newer, improved, and better quality doors.

4. Loose hinges

Bolts and hinges that hold your door steady can rust over time and become very loose. This is a very high risk to the safety of inhabitants and property and it should be treated as immediately as possible. Get a replacement door as soon as you notice loose hinges.

5. Duration of Use

Doors that were installed when the house was bought/constructed and are still there, decades later, will definitely have some damage from the years of continued use. If you know that the duration of use of your door has been extensive, it is advisable to get replacement to avoid extra costs for damage.

Secure your home with timely door replacements that help you save cost, time, and stress of fixing damages. Contact your local replacement professionals to get new doors installed!